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What is ESP Locksmith?

ESP Locksmith is a centralized authentication and authorization service, designed for the modern aviation industry. Backed by API's world-class compliance department, ESP Locksmith provides single sign-on and profile storage for its relying parties. New users are vetted against key compliance criteria, including:

  • United States Department of Commerce Denied Persons List
  • United States Department of the Treasury Specially Designated Nationals List
  • United States Department of State AECA Debarred List
  • Industry credit records

ESP Locksmith centralizes the storage of authentication and authorization information, sparing you and your users from multiple passwords (and password resets), varying authentication mechanisms, replicated profile data, and other issues that come from operating your own identity provider.

How do I use ESP Locksmith?

As a user, you log into sites and services that rely on ESP Locksmith using one set of credentials -- your username and your ESP Locksmith password.

As a developer, you register your application from your console. Then, to authenticate a user, your perform an OAuth2 authentication exchange with our OAuth2 endpoints, then use our profile service to retrieve role and profile information for your application's scope. You can define your application's roles from your console, set default roles, and even delegate account management to other users. It's easy: check out our extensive developer information.

As a service provider, you build your services to authenticate using ESP Locksmith, paying a low monthly license fee for each connected application based on your expected authentication volume.

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